Healthy Salad

This is a salad that we had at church and it is so good and it is healthily for you. 
Chop up cabbage in small slices -- 1/4 head
Add one Apple (diced)              
Add Craisins  ----As many as you like
Light Vanilla Yogurt  ----5-7 tablespoons
Salad Dressing        ------1 tablespoon 
You can use as much of the dressing or other things as your taste likes.  you can not mess it up.  As there are only two of us you may need to add or double.  I also added some cauliflower when I did not have a lot of cabbage.  Can also use walnuts. Let set a while and it will keep good for two or three days.  Great just to eat with a meal or crackers. 

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